How do I make the EIT I manage accessible?

The accessibility approach varies depending on which type of EIT you’re trying to make accessible.


Website accessibility is so important because a majority of Georgetown actually takes place on its websites. This content needs to be available to a diverse range of students, faculty, and staff.

Social Media

Content you post on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram also needs to be accessible for a wide range of people. How you do this will vary depending on which platform you are using and how you are uploading content.

Emails and Newsletters

Emails are another kind of electronic document that need to meet accessibility standards and work with assistive technologies, particularly when you don’t know the needs of the people receiving your emails.

Video and Audio

Video and audio content have important guidelines for accessibility because of the sense-specific nature of the content. Videos and audio must apply specific techniques to make sure that anyone, regardless of ability status, can access them.

Electronic Documents

Electronic documents like PDFs, Google Docs, and Microsoft Office documents can be created in such a way that they will be read by assistive technology. This also typically makes them more usable for everyone!