Reporting and Questions

Georgetown University is committed to providing equal access to our campus and services and to supporting students and employees with academic and workplace disability accommodations. We are also committed to addressing incidents of discrimination or bias, as well as removing or providing reasonable alternatives to avoid physical barriers to campus buildings and spaces or the use of university websites, systems and electronic content.  

Disability Accommodations Requests

Individuals who need assistance with disability related accommodations should contact the following university offices.

Report a Barrier

We recognize that individuals may sometimes encounter barriers to access, such as an elevator that is temporarily not working or an inaccessible webpage. We encourage you to use one of the reporting mechanisms below to bring any such barriers to our attention so that we can address them as promptly as possible:

Report an Incident of Discrimination or Bias

For information about policies and procedures relating to unlawful discrimination, harassment and bias, contact the Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity, and Affirmative Action (IDEAA).

Don’t Know Who to Talk To?

If you have a disability related question, concern or problem and don’t know who to ask, or if you have not received a response from one of the offices on this page, contact IDEAA.

You may also make a report to the Office of Compliance and Ethics directly or through the University’s Compliance Helpline, which provides a confidential and anonymous way to report problems, raise concerns or ask questions. The Compliance Helpline and other university reporting mechanisms are backed by the University’s Whistleblower Protection Policy.