Report Discrimination, Harassment, Retaliation or a Bias-Related Incident

Georgetown University has a rich tradition of embracing people from a wide spectrum of faiths, ethnicities, cultures and backgrounds. The university considers acts of hate and bias unacceptable and antithetical to its commitment to an inclusive and respectful community. Georgetown is able to track, review and respond to bias-related incidents through the Bias Reporting System, which may be used to submit bias reports.

IDEAA reviews, investigates and resolves alleged violations of the university’s Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination in Employment and Non-Discrimination in Education Policies, Affirmative Action Policy and the Policy Statement on Harassment. If you believe you have experienced discrimination in violation of one of these policies, or are aware of discrimination occurring in a Georgetown University program or activity, you may choose to file a formal complaint with IDEAA by utilizing our online complaint portal or emailing