UIS Training

Two web accessibility classes are available to any website editors at Georgetown. Classes are online and can be taken at your leisure. You don’t have to be using the UIS WordPress templates to attend!

Web Accessibility for Content Editors

Duration: 30 minutes
Format: Online Canvas Course
What you’ll get out of this class: Read-Only level access to Siteimprove and the ability to fix and prevent common issues
Access to this class:
Log in to Canvas and then click “Enroll in Course” -> “Go to the Course” -> “Introduction to Web Accessibility”.
Once you’ve completed the class:
Submit the Siteimprove Access Request Form.

Siteimprove Accessibility: Next Generation

Duration: 30 minutes
Format: Online Siteimprove Course
Prerequisite: Web Accessibility for Content Editors
What you’ll get out of this class: GU User level access to Siteimprove and the ability to make decisions on Reviews
Access to this class: 
Step 1: Login to Siteimprove (this will create an account if you don’t already have one).
Step 2: Go to the Siteimprove Accessibility: Next Generation course.
Once you’ve completed the class:
Step 1: Sign into the Siteimprove Frontier platform, click on your Profile Icon in the upper right corner of the page, and select “My Profile” to view your completions.
Step 2: Take a screenshot showing you’ve completed the class. (Here’s how to take a screenshot).
Step 3: Submit your screenshot through the Siteimprove GU User Request form.

If you have a group of 10 or more and are interested in a custom training over zoom, please email

SiteImprove Training

The SiteImprove Frontier platform offers a number of training classes that anyone from Georgetown with a SiteImprove account can take.