Basic Checklist for UIS Drupal Editors

Every time you publish a page, use this checklist to verify that your page is accessible.

  1. Check every image on the page for descriptive alternative text. More help with alternative text.
  2. Check your buttons and links – is the link text descriptive enough? More help with descriptive link text.
  3. Open the page in Chrome and click the Siteimprove Chrome Browser Extension button (you'll have to install the extension before you can use it). Use the Siteimprove Issues Guide to fix any A- and AA-level errors and warnings.

Not sure if you're on a UIS Drupal template?
Add "/saml_login" to your site URL (e.g. If you see the Georgetown University netID login screen, you're on a UIS Drupal template!

Advanced Checklist

All of the below checklist items should pass on the latest version of the four major browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.